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Franz-Stefan Gady

Senior fellow at the EastWest Institute and founding member of the Worldwide Cybersecurity Initiative.

Franz-Stefan is a senior editor with The Diplomat, where he covers military force planning, defense procurement and policy, as well as regional conflict in the Indo-Pacific region.

He is also a senior fellow with the EastWest Institute. Franz-Stefan’s principal task at the Institute is thought leadership where he spearheads a number of initiatives pertaining to national security and the future of war.

Franz-Stefan has helped facilitate talks between Afghan and Pakistan officials under the framework of the EastWest Institute’s Abu Dhabi Process, consulted the U.S. and Indian National Security Councils, and advised defense ministries in Europe and the United States on national security issues.

He is an award-winning author of a number of monographs and book chapters on Asian and European security issues."

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