Diplomat Risk Intelligence Analyses That Help You Act Today – For Tomorrow

Diplomat Risk Intelligence offers you dedicated access to an exclusive network of subject matter experts, in-house team of researchers and linguists, and contacts across the Asia-Pacific to bring you best-in-class political, security, economic, and financial intelligence.

Expert Network

Diplomat Risk Intelligence offers you dedicated access to an exclusive network of subject matter experts versed in geopolitical, security, economic, and political trends covering the wider Asia-Pacific region.

Through bespoke reports, consultations, video briefs, intelligence alerts and more, our experts help businesses, non-profits, and governments make sense of turbulence and spot untapped opportunities in the Asian century.

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Monthly Insight

Risk Intelligence Report

DRI Monthly Reports are rigorous research investigations that go beyond reportage and commentary to add permanent value for clients.

Focusing on specific, topical issues and created through innovative methodologies and inputs from globally renowned experts, DRI Monthly Reports cut through noise and ephemera to tell you what you absolutely need to know – today and tomorrow.

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Asia-Pacific in Data

DRI Trendlines

Trendlines are monthly reports based on quantitative data and statistical analysis that uncover key political, security, economic and social trends in the Asia-Pacific.

Based on multiple data sources and streams, Trendlines zeroes in on a single question and examines its different dimensions. The result? We let the numbers speak to you directly, without verbiage and clutter.

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DRI Asia Review

Each week, DRI Asia Review focuses on a single country, subregion, or theme, and based on in-house research, new DRI products, and regional media monitoring, helps you uncover the drivers of change in the Asia-Pacific.

Ungated, impartial, and to-the-point, let DRI Asia Review tell you where the region is heading – and how it is getting there.

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DRI Majlis

DRI’s monthly webinar convenes leading experts to probe pressing issues and dig deep into recent events. By focusing on the whys and hows that matter, it helps you learn about things that matter from the very best.

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DRI Future Tense

Through conversations with thought leaders, DRI Future Tense simultaneously focuses on the big picture and hidden details that are shaping seismic shifts in Asia-Pacific geopolitics.

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