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The World’s Best Analysis on the Indo-Pacific

Diplomat Risk Intelligence is the research and consulting division of The Diplomat, the Asia-Pacific’s leading current affairs magazine. Since its launch in 2002, The Diplomat has been dedicated to quality analysis and commentary on events and trends in Asia and around the world and is now one of the most respected publications covering the region.

Diplomat Risk Intelligence inherits this approach and offers clients in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors worldwide access to our exclusive network of subject matter experts and analysts along with deep in-house expertise, including a team of linguists specializing in major Asian languages.

A DRI subscription will help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to shifts and shocks in the world’s most dynamic region. Our bespoke products, which make our experts available to you for briefings and consultations, offer a real-time window and granular understanding of some of the most pressing challenges and invaluable opportunities in the Asia-Pacific – for businesses, non-profits, and governments alike.

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