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Analytical Reports

DRI’s ability to quickly bring actionable insight to our clients is at the core of what we offer. For strategic decision-makers seeking to understand political risk and economic trends in Asia, we offer bespoke analytical reports prepared by our subject matter experts. DRI also publishes regular research notes that answer questions on key thematic and regional issues.

Clients can expect to find informed geopolitical foresight that’ll help them remain one step ahead of the competition. Our research products adhere to the highest analytical standards and are prepared confidentially. Currently, DRI is able to offer reports offering future trends analysis, political risk analysis, threat and opportunity analysis, and detailed issue backgrounders.

On-demand video conferencing consultations

DRI’s global network of subject matter experts will be at your fingertips as new developments in Asia impact your day-to-day business. We recognize that the rate at which decision-makers need to incorporate and synthesize new information is ever accelerating and, to make your job easier, DRI experts will be available on demand to address your queries directly over video conferencing.


From long-term trends to making sense of new developments, today’s Asia is more complex than ever. DRI experts are available for booking to speak at public or private events, including executive briefings and large conferences.